I began photographing when I was 12 - deeply fascinated with both process and the creation of images. Later I studied Art Photography followed by Marketing and several years of work within this area. I went back to photography in 2010 becoming full time professional.
The last years I have made material for more than five cookbooks and numerous brochures, photographed travels and hotels in most of the world and worked with a broad selection companies, organisations, magazines and other publications.
Food Photography  Meyers Contract Catering / Meyers Kantiner, Meyers Madhus, Meyers Spisehus Lyngby, Meyers Deli, Løgismose, Julian Group (Reffen & Broens Gadekøkken), EATER, Gastro Magazine, Mad & Venner, Life & Thyme, Conde Nast Traveller, restaurants and more…
TRAVEL. Conde Nast Traveller, GQ, Life & Thyme, Cereal, Suitcase Magazine, Newsweek, Gastro, Danish, European, American and Asian magazines.
PORTRAITS & SPORT  Maersk, Meyers, Luxury Aficionados, Nordea, Visma, Novozymes, Life & Thyme, Kurhotel Skodsborg, business magazines, personal trainers and private customers.
HOSPITALITY & LIFESTYLE  Architectural Digest, Conde Nast Traveller, Diles & Rinies in Greece, Craveiral in Portugal, Brücke 49 in Switzerland, Wildlands (with Killiehuntly Farmhouse, Kyle House and Kinloch estate in Scotland), Maison Malatesta in Italy, Therme Vals in Switzerland, STAY in Copenhagen, Denmark, Skjoldenaesholm Castle in Denmark, Kurhotel Skodsborg, Vasanthi lamps, Architectural Digest, Life & Thyme, Cereal and more.