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Me, myself and I(Pad)…

Oh yes… I got the latest iPad a couple of months ago. With great expectations I waited patiently the day it was released to ensure my new and rather expensive gadget. And it was great unpacking the device and start fooling around – until I found out it was nothing more (or at least not much more) than an over-sized version of my iPhone… but then that is not so bad after all.

My intentions were clear… the iPad was to be used professionally and here is what I have come up with so far:

  1. My portfolio book
    A big book with a lot of prints is great but expensive and gets outdated rapidly. I still bring some prints when I visit potential customers but most often I just turn to on my portfolio application on the iPad. There are plenty of good apps for this. I have chosen “Pad Folio” and it works great for me. Basically I have created several series: Portraits, Fashion, Food & Things, Cityscape and Nature. Furthermore often a specific gallery tailored the person/company I am visiting.
  2. Dropbox
    Dropbox is just a great tool and used for several things. First of all I use it to share files between my iPhone, iMac, MacBook Pro and iPad (Apple has seen the light now and work hard to include iCloud in future iOS releases).
    Secondly I use it create inspiration albums for coming shoots – doing so I so I can bring the iPad in order to remember setups, lighting situations, makeup examples etc. Besides this I use it to share files with customers but that has less to do with the iPad.
  3. Easy Release
    Many shoots require a model and/or property release. Easy Release is a great tool for this including standard releases, forms to enter details, signing releases by writing on the screen and of course emailing filled out releases. Need to use it more than I do…
  4. iBooks
    I get and buy photo books and magazines and iBooks is the tool for storing and reading these. Still like the physical versions better but but without additional weight and space I can bring hundreds of books and magazines wherever I go.
  5. Brushes
    is a great little fun application working in layers and your finger as the brush… read my post about Brushes and David Hockney for more information. What I really like about the app is that it allows you to use a photo, taken by the iPad, camera etc., and place it as a background layer. On top of this you insert new layers and suddenly drawing becomes so much easier.
  6. Blogging
    My website/blog is made in WordPress and they happen to have made an application for maintaining and updating WordPress sites… perfect. I have used it a little and look forward to bring th iPad and WordPress with me on travels.
  7. Inspiration…
    I learn from other photographers fantastic work and I am addicted to stories about art, design, architecture, cameras, travel and much more. The iPad is great for bringing all this together in a few applications. The ones I like the most are: Flipboard, Architizer, Wallpaper Case Studies, Zite and YouTube.
  8. Mini-computer
    If possible I use my iPad to avoid bringing the MacBook Pro… it’s simply so much lighter and runs longer on each charge.

What I wish to include but haven’t come around yet is:

  • Instant viewing of images on a shoot… should be easy but it’s not
  • Editing… if just Adobe had made a Lightroom version for iPads
  • Video… I need to shoot video from behind the scenes and use the iPad for showing these
  • Backing up RAW files from shoots and during travel… tried with Apples iPad Camera Connection Kit but haven’t made it work well yet
  • Share music from my iMac to the iPad… the feature should be included now but I still need to configure my wireless network in order for the devices to connect

I’d love to learn about new ways to use the iPad so please leave a comment if you find anything missing.

All the best,


  1. 24. August 2011 - Reply

    I was so confused about what to buy, but this makes it undetsranadble.

  2. 25. August 2011 - Reply

    Hi… glad to hear :-)

  3. dawei
    26. August 2011 - Reply

    For instant image viewing, have you considered eye-fi ;-)

  4. 26. August 2011 - Reply

    Would be nice if they were made as CF cards as well…

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