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April 2014… GUIDED by Cereal – Copenhagen

Working with Cereal Magazine on photos of 16 locations for Guided by Cereal – Copenhagen… a few screen shots here

April 2014… Helt Honning and food photos for Mad & Venner

Assigned to make portraits of beekeeper and owner of Helt Honning, Anthony Lee as well as food photos of 6 recipies made by Mette Juulsgaard from Becauseitmatters – for Mad & Venner.

March 2014… Brücke 49 in Switzerland

Just got some winter photos from Brücke 49 uploaded on the portfolio page… and looking very much forward to going there in June to make summer photos of this great place

March 2014… Upgrading the web site

The web site is being upgraded with a new theme which includes better usability on mobile devices. It is running smoothly now but more content will be added the next couple of months.

March 2014… NaCl Showcooking at the Faroe Islands…

Just returned from the Faroe Islands with the team of NaCl chefs and a camera full of images… more about the trip and link to the gallery in the blog